pick a pair of Irish dance shoes

How to prepare for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in 2021?

March is here which means that everyone who is Irish by birth or in spirit is preparing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Up until 2020, there were huge parades on St Patrick’s in every country where there are Irish people. This year, St. Patrick’s Day will go virtual. Although this means that you won’t be able to gather with thousands of others to enjoy the performances and you won’t be able to go pub crawling, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy the celebration just as much as you did before. The most important thing is to prepare for it thoroughly.

Wearing green

Don’t forget that a big part of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is wearing green (otherwise, don’t be surprised if someone pinches you). Since now you’ll be celebrating with your closest ones, you might be planning to wear the same green outfit as last year. However, it can be a nice surprise for yourself and for others if you choose to wear something new or something unusual. You can wear a funny green outfit or a classy green suit or you can even cosplay your favorite Leprechaun character.

Drinking and dancing

There’s no St. Patrick’s Day without drinking green beer, that’s for sure. Part of the charm of St. Patrick’s Day was that you could go pub crawling with your friends. Although this year it is most likely not possible, you can still drink and have fun. Don’t forget about the traditional dancing while you get drunk and after you get drunk. You can even learn a dance to impress everyone. To fully impress, you could even consider buying a pair of Irish shoes. If you started Irish dancing in quarantine or you came back to Irish dancing after a long time because you finally had more time to practice it, now it’s a great opportunity to pick a pair of Irish dance shoes and you’re ready to dance.

What about kids?

If you have kids, you have to make sure that the celebration will also be fun for them. Since they cannot partake in drinking with the adults, you should think of fun activities for them. Prepare some leprechaun traps with them the day before. If the kids are older, they will probably enjoy a party game, for example, the coin toss, word scramble, a bingo game, or a treasure hunt  Don’t forget about the candy left by the leprechaun, this is something that kids at any age will enjoy.

St. Patrick’s Day food

Having many diverse activities is important, but let’s not forget that a St. Patrick’s Day celebration is incomplete without a good dinner table. Corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread are the key dishes for St. Patrick’s Day. Other popular foods include potato soup, Irish stew, or Shepherd’s pie. As for desserts, you could go for something original, for example. Shamrock-shaped cookies or chocolate mint brownies. Bring your own touch and out a lot of love into any recipe that you cook – that is the secret for an unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day dinner table!