How to sell your house over Christmas

Should you leave your house on the market?

There are pros and cons to leaving your home on the market over Christmas. It does tend to take up time that you could spend doing other things. However, the season also tends to attract only the most serious buyers, which could be a good thing for you.

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It is a very individual decision whether you continue to market your property over Christmas or not, but if you want to go ahead, here are some pointers:

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Set the scene

It is important not to get carried away decorating your home over the Christmas period if you are trying to sell it. Too many decorations could make your home look cluttered and it could appear smaller than it really is. Stick to clean lines and neutral colours. Perhaps just have a Christmas tree rather than other decorations as well, as this is more subtle.

Make your home smell like Christmas. Cinnamon or mince pies are a great way to emphasise Christmas smells. Don’t worry if you do not have time to do the baking yourself. Invest in some great Christmas-themed candles online


It could save you time to get a survey carried out for your own purposes before the holiday season. That way, you know if any repairs are necessary before you start to welcome potential buyers. If you’re looking for a homebuyers report Essex has plenty of suppliers to choose from. When comparing providers for a homebuyers report Essex residents should find out exactly what is included.


It’s great to have friends and relatives over at Christmas time, but it is worth checking what times your estate agent is open, and therefore, what time they are likely to arrange viewings for. Also check surveyors’ opening hours to see when they are likely to visit you too. Stick to inviting people over outside these times to avoid holiday chaos or perhaps you should be the ones to do the visiting this year instead, which may make things easier for you.

With careful planning, trying to sell your house over Christmas does not need to be as much of a headache as you might anticipate. Who knows, this may even be the time when you find the perfect buyer and it will all be plain sailing from there.